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What goes on at a gluten free focus group?


Well, the one here at Bountiful was fun-filled, thought provoking and idea-focused. A group of eight strangers came to Bountiful to help us define who likes Bountiful, what they like about Bountiful and how they heard about us. This gave us the chance to ask: Do they have any ideas on how to improve on what we are doing already?

The group was made up of six women and two men, all eager to share and try new food. They had the opportunity to try some new menu items we are testing out. Quinoa breakfast bowl, warm dinner quinoa bowl and sweet potato pancakes were only a few of the many items served.

Their enthusiasm was wonderful and the ideas they shared were great. They thought some dishes were incredible, and others were dry, or mushy, or bland…and everyone had a unique idea about each item.

After sampling the foods, they completed a questionnaire designed to answer all the questions we had.

In the discussion area, they shared thoughts and ideas we hadn't thought to cover on the questionnaire. Things such as, we need to have more hot entrées. What about a smoothie with coconut milk? How about putting the bison burger on a bun? I've searched for a great bun and have yet to find one. If someone knows of a good gluten free bun please let us know.

Some of the other new ideas were fresh juices, new kids menus with entrée items, pasta and create your own quinoa or rice bowl.

We are set to test out these new ideas and see if we can deliver on the quality that we have accomplished currently with the existing menu.

Marshall who owns GFB was just here. I got to introduce him to Marisa of M's Kitchen. OxandPen has signed on to sponsor our upcoming seminars: Gluten Free Thanksgiving Dinner on Nov. 17th; Kids Holiday Gluten Free Cookie Decorating on Nov. 15th and a Holiday Gluten Free Dinner planning on Dec. 9th.

We will also be at the Binny's Gluten Free Beer tasting on November 13th.

I'm just thrilled about these upcoming events, and I'm even more excited to share the new menu items that this focus group helped to create.

Friday thoughts: What hot items would you like to see served at Bountiful Eatery?
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